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Accident Repair Services in Sevenoaks, Kent

At Sevenoaks Accident Repairs we mix all our own colours on site using specialist paints from Spies Hecker. This means there are no waiting times for paint to be ordered, and tint can be added to obtain the perfect match. The pictures here are of our paint mixing room where the environmentally friendly water based paints are stored and mixed.

Until recently, in common with all body repair shops we used solvent based paints. New legislation is about to come into force which will ban the use of these materials. We have now switched to a water based paint system which is much more environmentally friendly. We have built a good relationship with our paint suppliers Spies Hecker who replace depleted stocks efficiently whenever we run low. Accident repair can also customise your vehicle to your own specification, including body kits, and installing and fitting car audio equipment. Contact us now for quotations.

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